About Me

I am a 27 year old London-based blogger, with a strong interest in history and current affairs. (Hopefully, this can be seen in some of my blogs.) I am currently studying at law school, but in my spare time I greatly enjoy watching films. On average, I go to the cinema on a weekly basis (sometimes more, sometimes less depending upon what movies are showing in local cinemas). As much as I like seeing films, I enjoy analysing and reviewing them.

Most of the time, I have noticed that I see movies in a different light to most people/reviewers so I feel that another perspective on a film is not a bad thing. This is why I write a blog, and hopefully my passion for films will shine through in each review.

2 responses to “About Me

  1. very impressive this site!

  2. Hi mate. Spent the last hour or so reading your blog after our conversation today. I appreciate your attention to detail, literally everything you could want to know is right here. I wanted to thank you for cheering me up as-well. I’d had a long day and it’s not often you come across someone like yourself in the role I work in.

    I’d like it if you dropped me an email so we could have a chat?

    Once again, have a great day buddy!

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